Philadelphia Chiropractor

Philadelphia Chiropractor

Chiropractic Clinic Philadelphia

Philadelphia Chiropractor: Dr. Rick Dunlap and the team at InSight Health and Wellness are Philadelphia’s Top Rated Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness Clinic! We offer premier solutions for helping patients gain their most optimal health. Between the friendly office environment and individualized treatment plans our office will allow you to thrive. We have some of the most effective and unique therapy programs in the entire city and it shows in our patient results.

Massage Therapy Clinic in Philadelphia

Our massage therapists are industry experts, well versed on the best massage techniques for achieving optimum results. They listen to you, and adjust the massage to your level of comfort all while targeting the areas that need the most attention.

Experience the best in deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish and sports massage, as well as many more techniques.

It’s energizing and revitalizing, but did you know that it is also a powerful therapeutic tool for healing? Combine massage with chiropractic care, and the results are amazing! It also helps boost immunity, correct imbalances, regulate high blood pressure and soothe arthritis pain.

Top Philadelphia Chiropractor

Insight Health & Wellness, Dr. Rick Dunlap: InSight Health & Wellness, we take great pride in the services we provide, and it shows from the moment you walk in our door. We warmly welcome you to our office, and we’re honored to assist you with your wellness goals. Our front desk staff is always happy to help, from completing paperwork and insurance information, to scheduling appointments that are the most convenient for you.

We want you to succeed as much as you do…and we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to make it happen. You deserve our high level of service, and we strive to be the best we can be every day. We truly, truly appreciate our patients, and value their trust, and their confidence.

Best Chiropractor in Philadelphia

InSight Health & Wellness is noted for premier Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness solutions for patients to achieve and maintain their wellness goals.  We strive to get you and keep you, pain free and active.  Our extended office hours are designed for convenience and we are always respectful of your time and schedule.

Functional Medicine for Philadelphia Residents

Philadelphia Chiropractic Clinic and Functional Medicine Practitioners: Functional medicine uses a systems-oriented approach to address underlying causes of disease. It creates a therapeutic partnership between the practitioner and patient, shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to an evolutionary patient centered approach.

One focus of the FM program is the reversal of Type II Diabetes, offering a safe, natural alternative to traditional Type II Diabetes treatments. With an innovative approach based on recent scientific advance, we can help you begin to reverse the effects of your diabetic condition.

We use an integrated testing array that examines the body in great detail, yielding a sophisticated understanding of your complex physiology, including the key factors causing your diabetes. With the detailed findings from these tests, we will create a safe, personalized and effective treatment plan to help you regain your health and quality of life.

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