True Cellular Detox™ in Center City Philadelphia

True Cellular Detox in Center City Philadelphia

Eliminating Toxins Improves Mental & Physical Vitality

Toxins are everywhere and they are wreaking havoc on our bodies.  Chemical, physical, environmental and emotional stresses are contributing to toxic inflammation and the end result is a body unable to function as it should. Weight loss resistance, brain fog, lack of energy, hair loss and premature wrinkles are the results of a body in toxic dysfunction.

We’re all familiar with the many types of detoxification programs out there…liver cleanses, gall bladder cleanses, foot baths, magnetic pull devices, the list goes on and on.  And let’s be clear, some of the programs have merit.  But none of them have the ability to reach and remove toxins at THE CELLULAR LEVEL.

Cellular inflammation is the root of all disease.  Failure to address health issues at the cellular level will never reach the core issue and ultimate wellness will be unobtainable. It is vital to address the neurotoxins, not only reaching them but removing them from the body.

InSight Wellness is a Certified True Cellular Detox™ Wellness Center

We are proud to be an office chosen to offer True Cellular Detox™, a state of the art program designed by Dr. Dan Pompa.  Due to extreme health issues of his own caused by mercury poisoning, Dr. Pompa has made it his life’s work to bring to light the effects of cellular inflammation and the safe removal of toxins from the body.  Many detox programs claim to remove toxins however, they simply manage to stir up the toxins and redistribute them inside the body.  In fact, many detoxification programs can be more harmful than good.

The 5 “R’s” of Damage

True Cellular Detox™ addresses the 5 R’s of damaged cellular pathways (Remove, Regenerate, Restore,Reduce and Reestablish).  It provides a road map to treating the cell and includes true binders to allow for safe elimination of toxins.  The amount of toxins that we are exposed to every day is alarming and our bodies are fighting a battle that is both relentless and harmful to our well-being.  It is vital that we attack the issues at a cellular level and give the body the tools to eliminate those toxins that we are constantly exposed to.  We will never be able to eliminate our exposure to toxins but we can finally give our bodies the tools to find them and eliminate them.

True Cellular Detox™ has been painstakingly developed to be easily incorporated into your daily life.  Each 30 day phase has a specific purpose and after 90 days, you’ll have completed the prep, body and brain phase and enjoy the results of a cellular detoxification.  Although we are happy to provide testing and consulting in our office, the program can also be accessed virtually –  allowing for anyone, anywhere to take part. The program includes all three phases, conveniently packaged and ready to go, as well as on-line support, articles, recipes and tips to ensure your detoxification success.  It’s a toxic world and now your body has the tools to handle it!

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Amazing! I’ve been seeing these guys for years. Incredible chiropractic and massage, AND they take insurance! I see Dr. Rick for my adjustment and Roz for deep massage, but everyone there is great. Take the time to take care of yourself. And tell them Ellie sent you!*




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